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Part 2! Red Wine Soaked Gummy Bears

Red Wine Soaked Gummy BearsLast weekend I shared these Rosé Soaked Gummy Bears that, quite frankly, are the greatest thing I have ever made. And I promised to try it with red wine next. 

And, friends, I wasted no time. 

I am back to report on these red wine soaked gummy bears!

Red Wine Soaked Gummy Bears First of all I purchased 1 pound of grape gummy bears (the obvious flavor choice!). I put them in a medium size bowl, and then I poured a little boxed wine I had lying around into the bowl until they were immersed. 

Just like the rosé gummy bears, they soaked up almost all the wine in 2-4 hours. 


Red Wine Soaked Gummy Bears  I tasted them both (plain gummy and red wine soaked gummy), and I was like, "Wow, this plain gummy is DRY!" Haha!

Red Wine Soaked Gummy Bears   OK—so I like both for different reasons... I have a hard time choosing which is better. 

The day of (after the 2-4 hours of soaking) I think I liked the rosé flavor best. It was more interesting. 

But the awesome thing about the red wine gummies is that they tasted JUST as good the next day. So they definitely maintain their flavor for longer. 

Oh! And one more important note—the red wine gummies are messy at first. Since they are soaked in red wine, if you accidentally drop one on your white t-shirt, you'll still get a big ugly wine stain. That's your fair warning. That said, I let some sit in my fridge overnight in this wine glass (below) and since they were no longer soaking in liquid they went back to the normal texture of gummy bears (not wet, but still giant and still taste like wine). It's a bit of a process, but the next day I could eat them without getting any wine on my fingers. 

Red Wine Soaked Gummy Bears     Served in a glass they are kind of the cutest thing EVER, right? 

Definitely a FUN gift idea.

Have a great weekend! xx -Elsie 

Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess actions.




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